about me :)

i go by nat, i'm 22 and i use they/them pronouns
i live on the east coast u.s.
i'm white, i speak english and spanish fluently, and i'm learning french
dm for my discord/kkt/line/phone#/facebook ^_^
requests are ok if my twitter account is locked
infj, melancholic, etc.
my favorite idols are listed here, though i may not talk about them often
most other media i like is music or podcasts
i'm famously bad at pokemon and acww
recovering STEM major
my sun, moon, & rising signs are:
my twitter is a personal account!
softblock instead of muting please
i might rt tweets in korean or japanese, but i can't translate reliably
i read enough portuguese/italian to understand tweets usually, if i fave your posts thats why
i might use gendered language to describe myself but that doesn't mean you can
i have ocd, any strange behavior is 99% likely to be related to it
tag abuse (of any kind) and animal death
tag irl nsfw or i will unfollow you :-)